Washington State University Office for Equal Opportunity

Welcome to The Office for Equal Opportunity (OEO)

**The Office for Equal Opportunity will be undergoing renovations beginning February 9th and extending through the beginning of March.  These renovations will include painting our walls.  If you would prefer to avoid any possible chemical fumes from the renovation, please let us know, and we will arrange to meet with you in another location.**

welcome to oeo

The Office for Equal Opportunity seeks to integrate principles of equal employment opportunity, affirmative action, fairness and equality into all academic and employment activities and practices throughout Washington State University (WSU). To meet that objective, our department:

(1) enhances the human rights education of all WSU students, faculty, and staff, by developing innovative and interdisciplinary programs, trainings, and activities;

(2) seeks to ensure all WSU employment and recruitment practices comply with state and federal equal employment opportunity and affirmative action mandates;

(3) assesses, develops and implements WSU’s affirmative action plan in compliance with state and federal regulations;

(4) reviews and investigates all complaints of discrimination, discriminatory harassment, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct and advises faculty, staff, and students on appropriate management of such issues; and

(5) aims to enhance WSU’s academic and organizational effectiveness through proactive assessment of workplace and classroom climate issues, development and implementation of action plans, and climate monitoring.

We work closely with professionals in the field of law, human resources, and conflict resolution to address individual and university concerns, and act as an information resource for state and federal agencies.